Finding The Greatest Cookie in NYC

New York is known for a great many things. As a professional actor and singer, I came here for theater and the opportunities that are presented in this miraculous town. But what I wasn’t prepared for were the vast amount of incredible baked goods.

It feels as if on every street corner lies a place that makes a damn good cookie. I mean the kind of suckers that are crispy on top, but soft and gooey in the middle. Each bite is a fat kids paradise.

But which one of these delightful bakeries holds the TRUE title. These presidents of pastries, these masters of macaroons, which has the honor of raising that championship belt high above their heads?

I’ve begun a journey that could only be comparable to that of Frodo and the ring…I’m in search of the greatest cookie in New York City.

I don’t take this journey lightly. In fact, in many ways it burdens my soul. It is a weighted vest filled with pounds of raw cookie dough. That sacred sweet siren cries to me from afar in the midst of the night bellowing “FIND ME!!!!!”

I began my search where many would consider “The Gold Standard” of cookies: Levain Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. They truly are in a league of their own…only without Tom Hanks.

She’s my partner in cookie crimes.

When you first lay your eyes upon this cookie you see it’s hard exterior. The outside is in fact sturdy. This would cause many to believe that the insides were just as tough, that the consistency would be more like a biscuit or a dry cake. BUT THEY WOULD BE MISTAKEN!!!

The Lord Smiles Down on it’s Finest Creation.

Inside this delectable mound of butter, flour, sugar is warm, smooth, creamy, cookie dough. The sweetness matches the savoriness in a perfect tango on your palate. Each bite is the perfect blend of sweet, salty, crunchy, and smooth.

You know your mind just went “oh GOD, yes.”

This cookie makes me pity anyone who is allergic to walnuts. I now say prayers for you at church, I hold vigils for your tongues loss.

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If you come to Manhattan, it is your solemn duty to go to Levain Bakery and consume one of these beauties.

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Your Obedient Servant,
 Kasey Y. Cookie Guy