I have recently brought home a hedgehog.

His name is Peter Quill, like Star Lord from Gaurdians of the Galaxy. He is a young albino African Pygmy hedgehog. I am not 100% sure of his age though he is somewhere between 3–8 months. Once I made the decision to get a hedgehog I waited all over 4 days before jumping at the chance to bring one home.

My local pet store had two male hedgehogs, though one had Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. My boy is healthy and very social and friendly. He gets along extremely well with my (almost) 9 year old Boxer, Lu. She protects him as if he was her own and she makes my life much easier while he wanders around the house.

My 6 year old male cat, Kitty, on the other hand, not as confident around the little hedgie. Kitty will get close while my boy is in my hands, but once Quill starts adventuring he won’t get to close.

Thanks to my amazing boyfriend of 3 and a half years, Quill is home and settled right into our lives. He fits in just like a puzzle piece and I couldn’t be happier.