Impact of technology on youth

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It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.(Albert Einstein)

According to a survey on 3 May 2018, about 95% of teens have smartphones. About 45% of teens are addicted to their smartphones.

Positive impacts of technology;

👉The use of technology is fun for teens. They use the internet to stay connected with their friends and family.

👉They rely on the internet, social media, games, television, and other types of technology.

👉Their lives seem to revolve around their mobile phones. They often stay active on messaging apps and social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter to stay aware of what is happening around them.

👉 They take help in studies. They learn different digital skills to earn money online.

Negative impacts of technology;

With positive aspects, technology has a lot of negative impacts on youth. They may involve in different bad habits because of technology.

Internet addiction;

👉People stay online longer than intended. They ignore their parents and their beloved ones while using the internet.They become offensive and secretive about their activities on the internet. Their studies effect due to the excessive use of the internet for hours. Due to the excessive use of the internet, teens become addicted to the internet. They want to use the internet all the time.


👉 When people use technology to harass someone, it’s cyberbullying. People make fake accounts, share false information, and share embarrassing posts to harass someone on social media.


👉 When people use to make arguments and disturb others on social media, it’s trolling. The young generation is often involved in this for their fun.

Social loneliness;

👉 Teens prefer to make friends and relations online than spend face-to-face time. It generates gaps between youth and their family and results in social loneliness.

Mental and physical health;

👉 Due to the excessive use of mobile phones, the physical health of people is affected. They are becoming patients of short-sightedness, muscle stretching, and headache. Their mental health is also affected.

Unethical behavior;

👉 They often visit useless sites. Some people share embarrassing photos and posts on social media.




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