The year 2016 has ushered in the trend of shared economy businesses to Pakistan. Companies like Careem and Uber have strongly capitalized on the growing need in the local market for accessible and safe modes of transport for the public. These ventures have helped streamline the market and make customers more adept to using smartphone apps to book their rides.

The concept of a carpooling app builds on the already existing model while also reducing the carbon footprint and the ride cost per customer. The idea is to design an app that will let drivers register and share their ride details, for example, available seats and route with a passenger database also registered on the app and allow the passengers to join the driver by pooling into the ride.

To ensure success, it is essential that the app is user friendly and more importantly secure to use for the passengers and drivers alike. To provide safe rides to both Drivers and passengers we need to add a feature which will share the real time GPS location with the registered user.