Hi Kyle, i did really enjoyed your article.
Amine Hannan

Hi Amine,

Thank you for reading my article. You can update the color with the type of button you have created above. But if you create a button like the one in my article that adjusts as you type, then you are limited because you can’t put the entire button into a symbol. If you did, depending on the size of the symbol, it would cut off the symbol as it grew.

So if you want to change one button you can’t just create a colored symbol because you would need to change the color in the middle and on the ends.

There are two other ways you could do this.

If you created two symbols though. One for the middle and one for the end.

Then use the button BG symbol as the color for the side symbol.

Then to change the color of the button BG to your desired color.

Once you change that, then it will update both symbols. and your color background.

The other option would be to create several colors as symbols and then use the overrides to change the color. The problem with that is you would need to do that for every single button. Not just on the button middle, but on the sides as well.

Hope that explains a little better, what I mean about updating the color background on multiple buttons being a little more complicated when using it this way.

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