With the latest Sketch update I think Auto Layout goes down the drain.
Wesley Viruga

I think to some extent you are right. I haven’t had a chance to play around will all the new features to get how they will work, but I will still use auto-layout for a couple reasons:

  1. Ability to keep consistent spacing between content boxes. With sketch 44 it is possible, but you need to include transparent elements. So to change that spacing of the gutter would be pretty annoying.
  2. For buttons if you have an icon at the end of text. Sketch will only take you so far, with auto layout, it does a great job keeping it in the center with overriding text and keeping the distant consistent. If the button is too long, sketch won’t push the icon and breaks the design.
  3. I will still have to see how sketch would treat rows, but I think I can use new features of sketch for this.

Super stoked about the new update though and am really looking forward to experimenting.

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