Happiness in just one hour

Humanity is the biggest religion in the world.
As a human being our core purpose is to serve humanity. Thar is the defining line between human being and an animal.
We are following wealth, fame, big Bangla and lucrative job to find happiness.These things bring happiness, but it will not be long lasting but temporary. This is a big myth about happiness, but on the other hand, true happiness come by bringing joy into others life.Material things brings happiness, but it will not be long lasting but temporary.
I want to share some points from the book The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. According to research 99% reason of unhappiness is that people are worried about future of regretting on their past if we focus on our present we will feel the most blessed person in the world. 
I am going to practice all the tips shared by Shawn Anchor because these are convenient things and just need almost one hour to complete. I will start with expertize and gratitude. I want to add something about gratitude more we thanks Allah for their blessings more we get blessings. Allah promises it. When I thanks Allah for their blessings, i felt the more happy person in the world.