Internship Experience at LetsGrowMore

This December, I am interning at LetsGrowMore . Joining LGM is my first internship, and it is a lot more than I thought it would be — in the best way possible. So far, I have already gained many skills, and I have learned more about different website tools used in everyday world. I have been working a lot with the LGM community.

Work that I have done so far includes creating a single page website and creating a webpage for fetching data using API call in Reactjs. I have also gained a lot of experience working with LGM community. I have attended a meeting with MR. Aman Kesarwani, where I learned more about working with new technologies based on web development . One thing that I have been doing a lot lately is building and fixing websites . I have created new pages on websites, made critical changes .

As for expectations for the rest of my internship, I am thrilled to be learning more every day. I have been working with very talented people, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have already if I were to be in a bigger company where interns may not get the chance to be as hands-on as I have been able to. This internship has given me even more real-world experience than I had before this experience. It has also given me the chance to learn more about different businesses and how I can use my skills to help in various ways.



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