Curated Cry: Which Mitski Song You Should Cry to Based On Your L-Train Stop

Dead Oceans

If you don’t know Mitski, I’m almost jealous that you get to experience her for the first time. Her music is so perfect and so cutting, it will completely cause an introspection to happen upon stream. Be the Cowboy, her most recent album, has been released to rave reviews — and rightfully so. Each song piles on your heart, and leaves you seconds away from an ugly cry.

Since she got her start in New York, I figured: what better way to celebrate her new album than by helping you figure out which song fits your subway stop. I assumed you took the L-train, not because of the beret, but because of your chill vibe. Okay fine, it was the beret.

Geyser — Union Square

“Feel it bubbling from below,” may have been written to be about an intense emotional reaction, but it definitely has a double meaning to describe the temperature it is at 14th street no matter the time of day.

Reason for crying: so. much. sweat.

Why Didn’t You Stop Me? — Sixth Street

Sixth Street, perhaps the most pointless of the L-train stops, probably even asks the MTA: “why didn’t you stop me and paint it over?”

Reason for crying: The air conditioner you just bought at Bed Bath & Beyond is cutting off the circulating in your hands, and everyone around you is judging you for not just taking a Lyft.

Old Friend — Graham Ave

“You’ll meet me at blue diner, I’ll take coffee and talk about nothing, baby” is basically an ode to every hungover Sunday you’ve spent at Jimmy’s Diner.

Reason for crying: that ‘last shot’ at Basik turned into four last shots and a morning mainly spent on your bathroom floor.

A Pearl — First Avenue

“I fell in love with a war, and nobody told me it ended” except nobody told you that the attractive person you thought could be a potential neighbor actually lived in Kips Bay and walks up from 14th and 1st.

Reason for crying: You had a long day at work and thought you dozed off long-enough to be at Lorimer by now, but you’re still in damn Manhattan.

Lonesome Love — Eight Avenue

“Spend an hour on my makeup to prove something,” is something you cry into your train beer after riding all the way into Manhattan to go to a bar you already regret going to.

Reason for crying: An influencer stepped on your foot while you were waiting for a $17 cocktail.

Bonus lyric: “‘Cause nobody butters me up like you, and nobody fucks me like me,” goes out to every time you transferred to the A here, thinking, “oh, it’ll be running normally.” It never is.

Remember My Name — Grand St

Because don’t we all kind of forget about Grand St? Even I, someone who lived off of it for a year, blank from time-to-time.

Reason for crying: No one believes you when you say East Williamsburg is a thing.

Me and My Husband — Lorimer St

An ode to couples trying to stick it out despite maybe not being fully in love. Much like all the married couples who left Manhattan to move to off-center of Williamsburg to start a family.

Reason for crying: you dropped all your farmer’s market goodies on the subway platform.

Come into the Water — Myrtle-Wyckoff

“But would you tell me if you want me? ’Cause I can’t move until you show me,” you beg the potential tenants a realtor brought to check out your apartment. Don’t they know that you found a great two bedroom in Greenpoint right near your favorite vegan pizza place?

Reason for crying: Being steps away from Queens.

Nobody — Bedford

“And I know no one will save me, I just need someone to kiss” is the thought everyone has on their third drink at The Woods when they remember they’re at The Woods.

Reason for crying: You not sure how your personal brand will be affected by the L-shutting down.

Pink in the Night — Third Ave

Wow, this song is really just a perfect Third Avenue song not because of lyrics but because of vibe: cause this is all I want to be listening to after 2 pickle back shots at The Belfry, followed by #TheLimitDoesNotExist number of martinis at Beauty Bar.

Reason for crying: No one wanted to go to iHOP with you.

A Horse Named Cold Air — Dekalb St

Because A Horse Named Cold Air totally sounds like a new bar that would open up around here.

Resaon for crying: Because you found out A Horse Named Cold Air is not a new bar.

Washing Machine Heart — Morgan Ave

“Toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart,” is perfect for this area of Brooklyn, because people tend to treat their bodies as if they’re washing machines while dining at Roberta’s; just like there’s always room for another sock, there’s always room for another slice. Or so you think.

Reason for crying: The wait at Roberta’s. But don’t worry Catherine Cohen — I mean Chloe — is totally down to wait.

Blue Light — Montrose Avenue

Somebody kiss me, I’m going crazy…” is exactly how you feel after bar hopping from The Graham to duckduck before finishing up at Sweet Science.

Reason for crying: You felt judged for bringing a plastic straw into Champs.

Two Slow Dancers — Jefferson St

“It smells like an old gymnasium in here…” ahem, House of Yes.

Reason for crying: Everyone at House of Yes thought you were judgement, but the only reason you didn’t want to go in shirtless is because of that weird mole on your back. Just me?

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