No Savior? No Redemption.

Hi! Good write up.In addition; there in literature, or in arts, there is something like wrapping up; or rounding off. One is not bound to do that. The writer or the Director of a movie may leave the wound open, an episode open, the unhealed assault unmitigated or unavenged; or s/he may choose to round off the story if the wound gets on the way of the story or the life — to be pursued because the journey is long and the time is always up. About the male and the female; there eventually in a family it is either male or the female to whom you would go to confess, to seek compensation, to complain or to seek salvation. Choice is limited. Male or female! What you actually resent is `authority’; or the authority on your life. It could even be a female whom you would resent in the circumstances that miffed you. Solution at the level of the ordinary life; that is mundane aspect or the lowest of the three manifestations of the prakriti (against the purusha in the Vedantic Sankhya) on the life of a being is to master self to create a self-authority. I do not mean here authority in the form that is seen in ordinary life; but that which is actually controlling the events of your life. In other words, there is no solution to your problem in the ordinary life- it eventually has to be dealt with by a practical attitude or by correcting certain systemic errors of authority in the running of society; but there is one when you are the master of your self; your `ego’ ; and it lies in a stage of self-mastery when you in yourself are two- one, that stands aloof and watches the leela of this sansaar which is the doing of the nature on you and others in relationship with you, and the other, that actually does things with them but with a belief that it is not your action any more but of the nature that has a purpose other than you attribute, and derive pleasure or anger out of. Here; it is not the authority of the dominant male head of the family that says it; it is the fraternal, maternal, paternal talk of family love that makes this comment. It is love that should not be lost sight off; love that ranges bigger than the spots of agony; love that carries one in a cradle and that hugs you to grow into affinal love one that enriches life in the wonder and beauty of discovery. If authority seems pricking, love should seem to provide a vista of a cause to live happily.

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