Jewellery(kashmiri jhumka)

Any material used to adorn oneself may be called a jewelry. Usually the material is precious material like gemstone or noble metals but modern jewelry can be made of any material. Jewellry may be made using clay, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, plastic, crystal, glass, metal, rhinestone, seeds, shells, bone, corals, stone or wood. Sometimes they may be made from jute, paper or other natural products.The craftsmen of Jammu and Kashmir have over the years excelled in the art of making jewellery with stones, gold and silver. They have transformed their skills onto making ornaments with finesse and ingenuity. The rural men and women folk in Jammu and Kashmir wear huge circular ear rings called kundalas while large anklets called nupura are worn by the rural women in Jammu.Kashmiri earings are also renouned for the best design and art on them

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/03/2015


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