Amazing Almond Benefits and Its Consumption ( Detailed Overview)

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Almonds Do Wonders to Your Health Here are amazing almonds Benefits and Consumption For All.Check Out How and What Type Of Almonds we Should Have For Better Health

Almonds that happen to be the seed of Prunus dulcis is known to grow under Mediterranean climate. Much more than we adore packing gifts for our loved ones, God does the same for us. Don’t know how?

Well, almonds have a thick fleshy outer coat that is colored green and termed as the hull. Inside this hull resides a woody hard shell, that needs to be cracked to acquire the actually edible drupe.

Out in the market and stores where dried fruits are available, you will mostly come to hear about three terms;

1.Shelled Almonds ( Almonds With Yellow Color)

2.Unshelled Almonds ( Almonds Without Shell Called Almonds Kernels)

3.Bitter Almonds ( Bitter in Taste )

Wondering what these are?

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Shelled almonds are simply those with their woody shells removed, the Unshelled is the opposite of it whilst Blanched are the ones that have been shelled, put in hot water and later the dark brown skin is removed from those.

If you may have consumed almonds certain of the times a few tastes to be bitter and maybe if you happen to be an Indian you must have heard “it is highly beneficial for the stomach” thing.

Is it so? Let us find out.

Sweet and bitter Almonds

Bitter almonds are just adulterants to the dried fruit that we want to ingest. Why adulterant? As it doesn’t serve you any benefit but may be obtained from cultivation, so the sellers don’t hesitate to pack your wrapper with a few.

Not only doesn’t it provide us with any benefit yet it also may be lethal. More precisely to the children. Thus, one definitely needs to identify one before putting it in your child’s food.

How To Recognize Bitter Almonds physically Without ingesting?

Bitter almonds are somewhat shorter and broader than the sweet almonds. 4–9 mg of hydrogen cyanide may be obtained for a single bitter almond. What causes bitterness is notable. Emulsion acts on amygdalin and prunasin which are soluble glucosides, in presence of water yielding cyanide, glucose and pure benzaldehyde. This serves as the reason for its bitterness too.

Not that you are too ignorant not to know what nutrients Almonds contain, yet definitely for some homework purposes, I need to mention what almonds are packed with.

Proteins, fibers, Vitamins, Minerals are a few of the constituents that serve plenty of benefits altogether. Let us have a look at a few.

Benefits of Almonds consumption:

Benefits of Almonds
  • Almonds help in maintaining a healthy heart and cholesterol levels. LDL levels are decreased. The Potassium and Magnesium present in almonds helps to lower the heart issues. Patients with high lipids in their bloodstream are asked to stay away from nuts. But remember? Almonds are no nuts, in fact, a drupe, that can be consumed as a healthy snack.
  • Gyms, diets and more diets. Aren’t we too obsessed with fitness? Which makes us an ultimate customer of those who sells Almonds. Fibers present in Almonds induce the feeling of fullness, keeping oneself satiated for the longer periods. This fiber thing is known to curb hunger and thus let us lose weight. Belly fat is burnt, fats reduction on legs may be witnessed too and LDL cholesterol levels are also lowered. Thus everything we need for fitness.
  • There are countless ways of how antioxidants benefit us. To begin with, these are known to reduce oxidative stress, even, protect against it. The oxidative stress is known to damage cellular molecules, which contribute to the inflammation. It has been noticed to bring earlier aging and even the cancers too.
  • Vitamin E is also present in almonds in a very high quantity. This is a powerful antioxidant that too is known to reduce the oxidative cell damage and also protecting against it. Vitamin E is known to reduce the risks of heart diseases, cancers and the Alzheimers.
  • Almonds are known to control the blood sugar levels too. This is because of the fact that almonds are packed with Magnesium, that is known to be involved in the control of blood sugar levels. More accurately those who suffer from Type-2 diabetes that is hyperglycemia are known to have lower amounts of Magnesium. Consuming almonds boost the Magnesium levels and thus result in decreasing blood sugar levels.
  • Hypertension is although not so rare disease and that too in the Subcontinent of India. It is essential to know how hard it can hit the sufferer. High blood pressure levels are known to cause kidney failures, heart attacks, and strokes too. Magnesium is known to reduce high blood pressure levels.
  • LDL cholesterol is a known cause of heart diseases but why? Actually, the oxidation of LDL cholesterol is the main culprit behind the loss. Consuming almonds provide us with Magnesium and Vitamins like E. These are known to lower bad cholesterol levels and lowering heart disease risks.

Almonds Benefits For Skin:

Have you ever thought why almond oil is used for massaging babies? No na. So let me make you aware of this, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, almonds make the skin smooth, adds the glow to the skin- improvising the skin complexion.

Vitamin E further diminishes the signs of aging, actually preventing earlier aging. This is done by blockage of free radicals.

Do Almonds Prevent Acne?

Its all about Vitamin E that is present in our almonds diet. Basically, Vitamin E guards our cells against free radicals like Pollution and harmful bacteria from the environment. When these somehow meet the sebaceous glands of our skin (the skin pores more accurately), pimples, blackheads, whiteheads may be developed.

Ingesting almonds prevent the free radical generation, thus enjoy a spotless and acne free skin.

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Almonds benefits for Hair:

Almonds benefits for Hair

Almond Oil is advertised so much to be massaged on the scalp that we are forced to know as to why. Rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, almonds promotes healthy blood flow, which supports healthy hair growth. This results in increasing the hair volume, its strength, shine and also helps in delaying the greying, which is a common issue today among the youngsters even. Moreover, the dandruff flakes on the scalp are reduced too as they nourished by the best of the essentials it can have.

Furthermore, better nourishment is provided to the hair follicles- magnesium being another important nutrient hair strands grow strong and promote growth.

Almonds Benefits For Babies:

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Crush the Seeds in the mixer and make a powder and feed this to your baby. Besides making their skin beautiful it makes their immune system strong, helps in better brain development and also helps in strengthening the bones too.

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Benefits of Almonds for Eyes:

Unstable molecules target healthy tissues. Almond consumption guards against this thing. Vitamin E in almonds helps in protecting against macular degeneration as well as cataracts.

Benefits Of Almonds For Men:

Benefits Of Almonds For Men

Manliness is all because of the hormone testosterone. There are a few nutrients in almonds that support healthy production of this hormone. Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in almonds help in improvised blood flow to the vital sex organs in men (here). Other than which selenium, Vitamin E and zinc helps in improving sexual health and hormone productions.

Side Effects Of Almonds:

Side Effects Of Almonds
  • Consuming limitless almonds cause bloating, constipation, upset stomach- thus gastrointestinal issues. Limit your consumption to a few and take lots of water.
  • The high amount of magnesium can lead to issues like reaction with laxatives, antibiotics etc. If you are on some magnesium medication, limit your intake.
  • The excessive consumption of Almonds results in excess levels of vitamin E. this may result in diarrhea, flatulence, blurred vision, headaches and dizziness, and lethargy.
  • See although almonds are fiber-rich, yet, they also give a huge content of calories to us. Calorie intake is directly linked to the gain in weight. So, what you need to do is to simply consume calories around 1200 mg.
  • Bitter almonds if consumed in large doses may be fatal.

everything that is consumed out of limits can be with side-effects. It doesn’t mean you will wholly stop to ingest that, instead, try taking that in limits- just 3–4 pieces a day only.

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