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kashmiri willow bats
 kashmiri willow bats has all the attributes of a perfect piece of art, It can deliver all great shots

with quality, and a bit of style on the side. It has a reputation either way of bats that hit with all

aspects of skill. All-in-all, a great bat has to tick off all factors in criteria, unlike the ‘Kahuna’,

this does.Beautiful bat.This bat and is excellent for hitting 6 sixes. Get one of these bats because

it has a smooth surface and it is good kashmir willow bat. I would like you to get one of these stunning

kashmiri willow bats.The willow used in making these bats was brought in by the British, who ruled

India, during the 1920s.These bats are not only popular in India, but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh

and Sri Lanka. Generally considered heavier than English willow bats, players of the sub-continent

prefer these bats because they generate greater speed.Kashmir willow bats offer great value. Some

might argue that the top quality Kashmir willow bats are better than Grade 3 or 4 English willow

counterparts. The Kashmir willow bats we have picked are of top-quality. It is not unusual for club

level cricketers in countries like India and Sri Lanka to use bats made from Kashmir willow for their

regular game.The industry, established in Kashmir, combines traditional tools with modern technology.

Kashmiri bats require constant knocking and oiling to make the bat good enough to use in a cricket

match.truly amazing. kashmiri willow bats are truly amazing .Just the slightest connection between a

bat and ball can make the ball fly away to the boundary line.It is the best bat for playing cricket

with leather ball.
 Differences between the two willow cricket bats

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is suitable for adult players with intermediate skills. This cricket bat

has a well crafted Kashmir Willow blade with thick edges whose shape matches that of the best cricket

bats to give you good pick up.Made from budget priced Kashmir Willow.Traditionally shaped and styled

for maximum stability while playing shots.Thick edges and curved blade for powerful performance.The

handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.Kashmir willow

bats are grown in Indian State Jammu and kashmir along with the Indo-Pak border area. Generally,

Kashmir willow (Salix fragilis) grows in wild areas where as English willow is meant specifically

for cricket bats and is grown in England or parts of Great Britain.English willows are generally more

white in color than Kashmir willow. Kashmir willows tend to be reddish brown in color due to dryer

atmosphere. Kashmir willow bats tend to have less moisture than English willow bats as English willow

bats are grown near the water beds in England where as Kashmir willow grows in dry atmospheric conditions.

It is because of the low moisture content that Kashmir willow bats are more brittle than English willow

bats.Kashmir willow cricket bats are generally heavier then English willow cricket bats and have an

average weight of 1250–1350gms whereas English willow weights from 1150–1300gms.English willow bats

have more clear grains which goes to depth whereas Kashmir willow bats might have many grains but

they might not have depth. It is general believe that more grains means better cricket bat which is

also more costly.

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