Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

There is also a push to view anyone who disagrees as having a motive of hatred. This is simply not the case. Other than those already in power who are actively striving to keep the status quo so that they remain in power — from everything I’ve seen and heard, both sides really do have the ultimate goal of changing things to benefit everyone, and most especially the little guy. It’s not that one side is for the rich and filled with bigotry while the other side is pro-equality for everyone and kindness. It’s also not that one side is smart and the other side is stupid. Both sides want things to get better. The problem is that each side has different ideas on what will achieve that end. If we STOP assigning motives based on our own worldview, and start listening to each other, we can discuss the merits of what each idea for change is likely to achieve. THEN, we can achieve the results we want. Until then, we’ll just keep destroying others who disagree with us and feel superior because we think “correctly” while others are just “horrible people,” not realizing that it is this very behavior that is making the world worse every day.

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