Can You Raise a Genius at Work: A CEO’s Guide to Building a Great Team

Sandeep Kashyap
Aug 1, 2017 · 4 min read

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“An average man loves what he does, a great man loves what destiny throws at him.” A guy once said this to me. At that time I believed that I must choose things I love. But now I know that I have little choice and have to make the best of what is being offered.

Now meet an aspiring entrepreneur who is out of his blue’s in recruiting a team from the non-Ivy league box card. After rounds of interviews, he finally makes his bet. Next thing he knows he purchased the wrong ticket.

He recruits again and thinks that he is improving. This may be true, but is this true that truth always leads to success? The dark side of the truth is that he is not investing in something euphemistically known as “Team Building”. This hiring and firing policy is flawed.

As a leader, you need to remember that your team is like your child only that it is born with a degree in hand and an average life experience of 20 years. As with any child, your team can be nurtured to perform better. Let’s see how we can do that:

We are social animals and we need to stick our noses and fingers into a pie that is better than our home sweet home grandma recipe. As CEO you need to go on a trip and search for the best recipe and come back to give a treat. Without one, things can go into the mundane mode.

Try playing a different card by making someone else do it for you. Hire a magician for inspirational blindness and trickery, like a motivational speaker. Take it to center stage and be the showman that brings change.

A quiet and shy guy may have a passion for detail and retrospection. A gregarious mouth can be good for sales. Throw them in the fight of their own want. And let them come out wearing the crown.

Don’t let them be the victim of “modern illiterate of the psychological wisdom”. And that means you. Try cutting things deeper rather than wider. Know what drives their core personality. Is it power, peace, love or hilarity? Having done that put them in their comfort zones and let them create a space of their own. Let them be free!

Also, don’t ever go with the mainstream rational thought of putting them out of their comfort zones. Never. This is bad. Let them have it. Productivity and creativity strike the most when you are independent and unrestrained.

Every genius needs a master. To live up to the roles you need to make them stick with you in the long run. The way is to earn their loyalty and not purchase it. The point? One cannot be a fluff. One has to be willing to move and shake things by setting ideals.

But remember all cannot be one sided. You are not investing in an obsequious work culture. Criticism has to be welcomed. A CEO once fired people because of their unwillingness to contradict him. He was partly right in fostering the spirit of a free culture. And this is the lesson to be learned here.

Wait for results. Nothing happens in an instance. Trust the wisdom of statisticians and don’t get disappointed by the results of small sample sizes. With time your team members will become your personal pioneers who are committed to habits, committed to drives of conscious methods of getting things done. And to relationships that try to work out differences instead of forcing opinions.

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