Keep Your Employees Happy for a Prospective Business Growth

“When employees are happy, they are your best ambassadors” — James Sinegal

Mrs. Smith, the managing director of a big multinational company, believes that it is of immense pleasure and joy for her to come to office every morning. She manages a team of 18 employees and has to look after the overall growth of the company.

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Mrs. Smith has to check the innumerable emails and respond to them. But she has to not work harder than this, no typical working hours and daily tasks. It was a day in her career, when she came across the bitter truth. Her team members lacked the pleasure and happiness to work. She was not happy with the point that her company members are working forcibly and not by choice.

But why? Are they not happy with their job? She believes, “There is a positive connection between team growth and happiness.”

Now let us jump to some statistics that reflect how important it is for employees to be happy at work:

Author of an inspirational book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, draws on his research and studies at Harvard University that the brain works much better when a person is feeling positive. Happiness at work is seen as a byproduct of positive outcomes at work and if the employers support their employees by creating comprehensive rules for them. It won’t be wrong to say that happiness is a serious business.

Mr. Smith wondered, is it so hard to keep the team happy? Though happiness comes from within, but if the environment is stressful and negative, the employees’ productivity may certainly go down.

She came across a list of guidelines that helped her to make a positive workplace environment and employees happy. Here’s what she did:

Flexible work options

There is an increasing understanding of having a work-life balance in today’s work culture. Give your employees a little relaxation of time to cover the fixed number of office hours. High paycheck is not the only way to motivate people. You can also provide them the option to work from home or on their own device. After all, what matters is the work and not merely just their presence on the desk.

Setting clear goals

If the goals are defined it gives the team members a path to track their progress and keep a check of what resources they need to achieve the goal. People work their best when they have a challenge to overcome. This is the reason why you need to set clear goals for each team member. The happy workers will find their job meaningful and work to improve your bottom line.

Respecting your team

Overall happiness is not measured by the amount of money saved in your bank account, it is actually related to how much you are admired and respected by people around. Every manager should acknowledge the skills and qualities that the team members brings forward. This increases job commitment and motivates them to give useful results.

Offering constant feedback

Every team person should be given feedback about their work. How to get the things right and how they can improve to be a better version of themselves. But yes, the feedback should be given fairly and should not be treated as a punishment. The person shouldn’t be insulted with the feedback. They should be given open chance to improve their skills.

Reward them for their work: One of the ways to keep your team motivated is by giving them awards and recognition for their work. If they are putting the extra efforts, taking risks, give them rewards. The rewards can be in the form of discount coupons for food, movie tickets, shopping vouchers etc. These small things will provoke them to work hard.

Offer them a paid vacations

If you want to get your business growth, allow them to go on a break once a year. They are your superstars let them enjoy a few extra days with their families and friends. Of course everyone needs a relaxing vacation from the regular office schedule. Trust them they will back with fresh ideas to work more hard.

Variety of events

Do not create that monotonous work environment. Give them a boost by celebrating special events like their birthdays, work anniversaries, play with them stress buster games, monthly awards etc. Go on a vacation so that it breaks the daily routine. Organize monthly or quarterly parties so that there is more interaction amongst team members.

Though, if you are not doing these little things you are surely missing out a lot. Create the right culture as Mrs Smith did. It doesn’t take much to keep everyone happy but once done will bring bright and fruitful results. Happy employees will give a quality of work that is top notch.

Keep them happy; keep them functional!

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About Author:

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