This is Why Your Boss Is Not Promoting You As a Leader

Office workspace can be a tough battleground where it’s not always the race between hard work, talent, skill, creativity or innovation. Sometimes the rules are different than what ethics or politics can bring on the table. Sometimes it is just about being a leader.

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This is why it is imperative to acquire a leadership role within your organization for a strong career growth. And the first step is to show it to your boss that you have the ability to be one.

Most of the managers look for skills like communication, management, professionalism, an ability to network, trustworthiness, intelligence and creativity to be a strong leader. But these skills are just the tip of the iceberg that you can find in any book that you read on leadership.

Apart from that top managers look for three skills that are crucial to being a great leader. If you lack any of them no matter what you do your boss will never promote you as a leader. So let us take them one by one:

You Don’t Have the Ability to Take Good Risks

The ability to take good risks is the most important part of being a leader. It begins the moment you pitch something to your boss and hope that he or she will like it. If you don’t pitch yourself, your boss will only think that you expect people to lead you.

It doesn’t matter if your idea will work or not. Many great leaders failed many times before coming up with something big. What matters is how you improve your ability and start taking good risks. The process begins by answering some tough questions. Let me explain.

Whenever faced with risks, our brains go into over thinking mode. We start thinking about a lot of questions. When this happens most of the times we skip through the most difficult of them. We substitute difficult questions with easier ones and answer them instead.

For example, many people invest in stocks of a certain company by answering one simple question against three difficult ones i.e. Do they like what the company does??

They skip the important questions like: Is the current stock price of the company undervalued or overvalued?? Is the future market of that industry a reliable one?? Or whether the company has shown growth in the last two-quarters. This is what happened at the time of dot-com bubble. Many people invested heavily in stocks and almost all of them lost their money in the short run.

Coming back to taking good risks, if you as a leader can put in an effort to answer the difficult questions (even though you may not find an answer initially) you will learn a lot about taking good risks.

You Cannot Handle Time Pressure

Remember that in life concepts like money, talent, self-worth, and intelligence are all a notion dependent on time. Everything is measured in value with respect to time. In this sense only time is the thing that has true value.

Good leaders know this and stress the importance of handling time pressure. They think of it as one of the biggest challenges of life. If you ever get a chance to showcase this one ability to your boss, then it will leave a lasting impression on him.

You can work on it by taking lessons from other great leaders. Most of them practice this one technique called the “Sniper Mentality” to handle Pressure. During World War II snipers played a crucial role in every battle. They were like one man army sent on dangerous missions and they had to handle a lot of pressure working alone.

There are 3 things to Sniper Mentality:

1. Achieving an optimal mental state

Slowing down works best. It will help you assess the situation. After slowing down yourself, you need to practice to align your thought process with a clear sense of purpose, a decisive nature, an understanding of all that needs to be done and a strong desire to make it work.

2. Weighing in all the factors

Every decision must be taken with a long list of checkboxes that represent the justification of the actions. In the business world, you cannot be an error prone individual who takes poor decisions. You need to practice by making a right check-list of boxes.

3. Keeping it practical

The choices that you will make while handling pressure will reflect a lot about your character. It will leave a trail of hidden psychological meanings and attachments. Most likely because the way you want your decisions to be perceived by those whom you care about. This one thing can create a lot of pressure. So it’s best to avoid thinking how others will look at your decisions.

You Are Unable to Motivate Others

Motivation works from inside. If you cannot ignite a fire within yourself, you cannot motivate other people. Many people are unable to create an inner process to deeply think about things. They never let their thoughts prosper into an idea or a belief.

Remember, motivation works by thinking from within about the things that excite you. If you are not doing this one thing you will never be able to make motivation work for others. One of the most important aspects of being a leader is to inspire others to deliver their best.

I have seen a lot of people who are great at communication but are not that great at inspiring others. And others who are shy or introvert, but when they speak their mind they can move people and inspire them. That is why introverts are proving out to be great entrepreneurs, because of their ability to draw energy from within and spread it outside.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you have great interpersonal skills, or whether you are very good at what you do. What matters is your ability to handle pressure, take risks and motivate others. If you are unable to do any of the three, you will always feel a void in utilizing the true potential of your skills and talent. Only these three traits will help you achieve your next level.

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