5 supercool ways successful entrepreneurs use to remain high on productivity

Vartika Kashyap
Apr 14, 2017 · 5 min read

Productivity is a drug that can help you do amazing things. It’s that one drug that separates successful people from the not so successful ones. Ask any of the successful entrepreneurs and they all have some secret productivity tips that keeps them running throughout the day.

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In this post I am going to talk about some of those tips. Incorporating these in your life and you will see a positive change in life. Without further ado let me share what those tips are -

1. Well begun is half done

A great beginning can lay foundation for a highly productive day. The idea, however, for a productive day can vary from person to person. While eating a scrumptious breakfast could be an ideal beginning for one person, for someone else meditating for 30 minutes could be the ideal start.

It is you who has to figure out what’s the best way to kickstart your day. But trust me once you will change the way you start the day, you will get to see an exponential rise in your productivity.

2. Every minute is precious

Successful people don’t waste time. They try to make the most of their by getting involved in things. I’ve never in my life heard a successful person ever say he has some free time. They are always occupied with something or the other. They don’t chill around, sitting idle. Rather they make the most of their time by learning new things.

Remember there is one thing more precious than time and that is how we spend it.

3. Don’t just do, accomplish

I’d like to quote a famous quote from Steve Jobs here. In fact, it’s more of a question than a quote — If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

Ask yourself this question. And then take a look at the activities you have planned for the day. If the answer to any of those things was NO for too many days at a stretch, you are doing something wrong with your time. This means you are doing something for the heck of it, not because you are interested.

PS — for those of you who are wondering — ‘we are stuck in a job doing the same things day in, day out.’ Well it can be monotonous, but you have to figure out ways to make it interesting. Maybe getting involved with other teams and learning something new can perk up the excitement.

4. Unplug for some time

No matter how much dependent on technology we become, we still need to unplug from all the gadgets. Check out this amazing post about how switching off for a day in week actually helped workers become more productive and satisfied with their job — http://gender.stanford.edu/news/2012/why-unplugging-can-lead-happier-more-productive-workers.

The duration may vary, ranging from a couple of hours a day or more depending upon your schedule. But it is for sure, that you need to take some time off technology and invest a little more on yourself.

From Arianna Huffington to Oprah Winfrey, there are a number of successful entrepreneurs who unplug from technology.

5. Stay healthy. Stay productive

This is a no-brainer. And something we all must get framed and posted on our wall. The age old saying goes — health is wealth and by God it is!

If your body is in poor health, don’t expect it to run high on energy throughout the day. This is where a number of factors become important. Factors like eating habits, working out, mental relaxation, all these contribute towards a person’s health. That’s exactly what successful people do. They know their body needs to be in good shape to take their productivity through the roof. And do so. But, do you?

Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy job. They have to adorn so many hats at one time to make their business successful. They have to keep their productivity levels insanely high. I’ve given you a blueprint of what you can do, following the footsteps of those successful entrepreneurs. Now it is upto you to execute these tips and see where they take you.

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Vartika Kashyap is a seasoned marketing professional who is an expert in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. She’s been featured among LinkedIn’s Top Voices for the year 2016. She currently runs the marketing team at ProofHub — a project management software for teams of all sizes. Connect with Vartika on LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

Also follow our company page @ProofHub to get the recent updates about our tool, published articles, motivational quotes & presentations.


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Vartika Kashyap

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