Your business success depends upon your team’s happiness index

Work is hard and there is no job in this world that doesn’t look daunting at first. It takes time to make it enjoyable, fun and something that one would love to shed sweat for.

The first step to bring happiness is to create a stress free workplace and learn how to find a work life balance. Leaders who are aware of this invest their efforts in creating a great place for their teams to work. Because they know that it is important to their sanity and the success of their business.

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Great leaders always know that fostering a happy and fun work environment can inspire their employees to be satisfied and take joy at work. They know that happiness index of their team members is directly proportional to their loyalty towards work. This is also the reason why top technology companies like Apple and Google invest so much in building a great work culture.

So, today I list some key reasons why it will be extremely beneficial for your business to invest in a happy and comforting work culture.

Happiness Fosters Creativity

The number one factor that stands against creativity is stress. Stress can take many forms, it can be anxiety, over thinking or fear. But majority of stress stems from our inability to keep ourselves happy.

On the other hand, being happy fosters creativity. Being happy and stress free helps free up space in our brains thereby raising our mental flexibility. It also increases positive emotions that help employees mental abilities broaden up. Happy employees are able to develop better relationships with each other.

Happiness Is Contagious

Happiness can multiply itself. When it is encouraged in workplace it can spread and easily bring a solution to many problems. Happy employees are like lanterns that can spread their light acting as role models for others employees at work. They can encourage them to take joy in the work they do.

Positivity At Work Encourages Risk Taking

Happiness brings in positivity and positive people are more inclined to look at things with a clear mind. They are able to keep themselves straight and clear of distractions. They are able to ask themselves relevant questions. This is all very important when someone has to take risks because risk taking is all about asking the right questions and then trying to get to the answers.

Happy Employees Support Weak Members

It is always easy to persuade someone to do things for you when their mood is right. Happy people are more inclined to collaborate with other team members. They are ready to share their views and receive criticism in a positive sense.

Because of their supportive nature they can help weak employees by thinking of themselves as a part of the team. This is important because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Happy Employees Can Work as Team

Sometimes the feeling of competition can induce stress among team members. Employees who are happy are less inclined to see their co-workers as competitors, and more as teammates who have a common goal.

This makes them act towards the greater good of the team and easily find solutions to problems. In this sense, happiness can act as an integrating force to keep employees united as a team.

Happiness Keeps Mental Troubles at Bay

Many times employees bring the problems that they are facing at home to work. And, if the workplace itself is toxic then there is nothing worse that they can expect. Employees spend most of their time at work and therefore the workplace should act like a drain hole to let them forget the troubles of daily life.

A happy workplace attracts employees to do their best work. Happy employees make other employees feel appreciated and this feeling is something that cannot be replaced or bought with anything else.

Lastly, remember that investing in a workplace that is happy and fun will take time as you may have to overcome a lot of barriers. But doing it will reap great dividends.

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Originally published at Huffington Post


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