A few days ago, we returned from Shopware Community Day — an annual conference for e-commerce enthusiasts centered around the platform. It is one of the biggest events of this type in Europe — this year it gathered over 2.5 thousand participants, exhibitors, and speakers.

The agenda included presentations by e-commerce experts, entrepreneurs, business owners, and TV personalities. And after the official part, there was traditional afterparty which gives the opportunity to network and to share the knowledge after the whole conference day.

The event agenda was divided into several stages, e.g. Solution, Inspiration, Technology, Ecosystem, Dev. Among the main topics discussed at the conference were the future of e-commerce and thinking outside the box. The highlight of the day was the announcement of Shopware 6. For all developers and technology enthusiasts, the technical keynote was given by Daniel Nögel, Product Manager Shopware. …

Katarzyna Gądek

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