1. I was born on June 13, 2000 in Poland! I moved to America when I was 4 and lived in Mount Prospect ever since. I came here not knowing any English , it was hard for me since we only speak polish at home. I love to dance and hang out with my friends all the time, I’m always out going on new adventures. I love travel and been to almost every state! My favorite vacation spot is Mexico, I love seeing the white beaches and the palm trees. My favorite food is lasagna.

2. I chose this song to briefly describe me because it’s about everyone coming together and solving problems. Also in my dance class, we watched High School Musical 2 (my favorite one) and my best friend Jessica and I started singing this song as loud as we can and it was just a fun memory I had. It always reminds me of my best friend now and all the fun times we had together.

3. It was 9:00 at the game..we where tired…things got weird

4. Three people that inspire me.

First would have to be my parents, I am counting them as one because they both inspire me in the same way. My parents support me though everything, they are always there for me and love me very much. I adore them because they raised me to be the person who I am today.

Second, I have my best friends Jessica and Nathon. We do a lot of crazy stuff together and they always inspire me to have fun and to be myself. They make me comfortable to be outgoing and I always look up to them because they help me with any problems I would have.

Third, I have my aunt Ala. Since she’s my dads sister she is very close with me and helps me whenever I need help with something at school. She loves me to death and inspires me to stay as close to my family as possible because they are a really important part of everyone’s life and they are always there for you.

5. Because I love to dance, it’s always a dream of mine to go to state. I chose this picture because I love the people I dance with, it’s something I’m super passionate about and when we had our dance show for school I was thinking, this is what I want to do and I am determined to make it happen. Also I still had blonde hair in this picture…

6. For my first picture I chose a soldier in the American army because this represents how many people are fighting for the safety of our country and how much they care about us and how they give up a huge portion of their life just to help us.

My second picture is the American flag because there are millions of people honoring America every single day and it’s a great thing that people view America as a happy place.

My third picture is the White House because this is the center of America, the president is here and hundreds of people visit daily just to see it. It’s a really important monument and it’s nice to know what the president is doing sometimes.

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