What type of holidays do you have ?

A week ago I came back from holidays. I spent two weeks in China, sleeping nearly every day in a different hotel and even in night trains — but, man, it was worth it!

This trip ignited an idea in my mind — two weeks without the Internet. When this thought first came to me, at the beginning, I thought it’s impossible. Every day after waking up I have a quick look at my Gmail and Slack, sometimes Facebook and Instagram. Probably that’s what most people do. These days we don’t want to stay behind and miss some important news, like Tesla’s new Roadster and our candidate accepting the offer ;) To be honest, I’m so used to this that I was seriously wondering about the deeper sense of such an experiment. Some of you may say “Come on, you have holidays. It’s normal that you rest” but I bet most of us, even when off or at the weekends, can’t overcome the curiosity to check Gmail, Slack or similar channels. I would be pleased to know how many of you don’t do this — you can let me know it the comments ;-)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a bit how it went in my case. In order to make my experiment a success, I deliberately decided not to download a VPN (you need it if you want to have access to the Internet in China) and I told my teammates at Bee Talents about my plans, what was accepted without any problems.

Day 0 — a last quick look at social media and I entered the plane. Initially, I thought “I’m not going to look at my mobile at all. Okay… only once a day”.

Oh yes :) I underestimated the power of habit — of course I looked at it and I was even a bit angry when my Internet didn’t work! I wanted to know what’s going on at the company and how everyone’s doing. I wanted to know how my candidates are doing and just have everything under control but I said to myself “No, I can’t be an Internet addict” and I put the phone away.

It’s amazing how quickly we can adapt to new circumstances and how quickly we can acquire new habits .Only after a couple of days I even forgot to take my mobile with me. I just left it in the hotel and — guess what — I didn’t miss it!

I enjoyed my holidays enormously also because no one from Bee Talents called or texted me even once. I realized how a greatly organised team we are because I’m sure that not being interrupted during your time off is not so obvious in most of companies.

I came back, opened my Gmail and of course there was a pile of emails but I just knew somewhere inside that everything is under control. And the world didn’t fall apart because of my absence ;) This experiment helped me realize that most of our fears are in our heads and don’t come true, that it’s worth taking a break for real when off and just let it go.. I wish you to work in a company where that’s possible :)

I’m really curious what types of holidays you have and what methods or tricks you use to rest properly :)

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