Random Nothings.


Ezigbo Nne Mama ya. I am writing this letter to let you know I have Kelvin's child within me. It hurts me, Adanne, it hurts to know that someone I have loved with all my heart has destroyed all of it. Kelvin denied the pregnancy. He said No. Mba!

"How can I be associated with this"? He asked.

"Wepu the child, I do not want it! Wepu ya!!"

Adanne Ezigbo Nne mama ya, my heart is broken. You will hear from me again, when I must have decided what to do with this life inside of me. I love you oo? Biko , don't tell mama.. Agwana-ya!

I fear what she might do.

I love you. Always, and this love... Ogadigide.

Nwanne-gi , Adaugo.

#Pregnant Episode 3 Soon..

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