My “Why” — Taking back my life

Patricia, My “adopted “ mama, and now my business partner introduced me to Lularoe in December of this year. This was a time that as a nineteen year old college student, was full of changes. I had just transferred colleges. My entire life had changed over night! New home, new friends, new school, new environment. That change was extremely hard. I struggled with finding my identity, I struggled with my weight, I struggled with my self image. It was a time where I felt tied to my number on the scale, or the size of my jeans. I felt the need to fit in. When I came over to visit Patricia, and her new baby, she was wearing what I would find out were Lularoe leggings. I LOVED them! At first I thought Trish was joking about how awesome they were! What I did not realize was the impact this clothing line — and company would have on my life. I got my first pair of leggings — and quickly became more and more familiar with all of the styles! I remember crying putting on those jeans that didn’t fit. But I also remember putting on Lularoe, and finally feeling like myself again. The more Lularoe I wore, the better I felt about myself. The more I joined this community, the more supported and empowered I felt. Women of ALL sizes were wearing the SAME clothing I was. Slowly I realized that a number on a scale DOESN’T define me — or my beauty. That I am beautiful, and loved as I am. Lularoe helped me take back my life, believe in myself, and celebrate who I am individually. I want every person who comes into my boutique — or shops with me online to feel the same. To feel like there will always be something unique for them, something that makes them feel on top of the world. As a college student — what’s next is overwhelming. The debt that comes with being a college student is scary. I know people who are twice my age STILL attempting to pay back their debt. My goal with Lularoe is to walk out of college DEBT FREE. To be able to be an independent woman, and work for my degree and be able to pursue my goals — ALL while owning a business!

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