Your will be done

“My life is yours. My hope is in you only lord”. There have been times where I have felt the lord, and felt his presence. There have been times where I have felt completely alone, and lost. There have been times where I have walked with confidence, and times where fear consumed me. During this time, this season of change, He will be my rock. Tonight, as I prepare to sign the papers that will forever change my life for the better — I felt overwhelmed. SO excited, but so scared. My life took a 180 in such a short period of time. Ive never felt more right about a decision. The moment this new venture was proposed to me, it felt right — like it was meant to be. I prayed, and I asked that if this was meant to be, that it would come together. And it did — to the point I was almost in shock. In such a short period of time, and in such any easy manner — the plan was set into motion. As I was on my knees, with “nothing but the blood “ playing in the background I felt his arms wrap around me. It was clear in the moment that this is his plan, and that all was well. They say you make plans, and God laughs. I hope this next venture in my life not only allows me to flourish and grow as a woman, but pushes me, my partner, my family, and those we come into contact with towards the Lord.


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