Character Introductions: Part 1
Scott Myers

I haven’t read past this section yet. But, the main thing I noticed here, the thing I found most intriguing, is that Billy Beane does something inexplicable and mysterious: he mutes the television set at a crucial part of the game. People are interesting. I think, when we first encounter someone, we make a quick decision on whether or not that person is worthy of our time and attention. We ask ourselves if we want to learn more about them. A script reader (or cinema audience) is no different. I think a film’s protagonist needs us to want to lean into the mystery and learn more. I think something as subtle as Billy muting the television manages to accomplish that. Kinda reminds me of Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk where he says, “A well told promise is like a pebble being pulled back in a slingshot and propels you forward through the story to the end.” I think Billy’s behavior here is that same kind of promise being made at a much smaller level. Why would he be watching the game… only to mute the game? I’d keep reading.

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