Use Case: Market Research in Cameroon

CityNet is a french-based startup that is launching a car sharing business in Cameroon. Its service CityCab is focusing on renting first class and luxury cars in Cameroon. City Net vision is to reinvent the way people rent cars in Africa starting with Cameroon. Looking at the success of companies like Uber or Drivy, the founders were wondering if similar model could be implemented in Africa.

They were faced with many challenges:

1) No easy, fast and affordable way to validate their business model. Can a car sharing platform work in Cameroon?

2) Few or inexistent sources of reliable data from Cameroon that will answer specific questions about their venture. How many people have cars that they can rent?

3) Get insight and timely data to calibrate their pricing, offering ahead of the schedule launch in September 2014.

Using KASI Omnibus Surveys from KASI Insight, the CityNet founders were able to ask specific questions to validate the car sharing model in Cameroon. Is there a market? Is there supply? Who is the competition? What could be the size of the market?

In collaboration with CityNet, we created a 5-questions survey, our team then deployed the survey in Cameroon two biggest cities and we collected 500 responses within days!

The questions were:

1) Do you own a car?

2) How often have you rent a car in the last 2 years?

3) Would you make your car available for rental?

4) Which rental companies do you use?

5) What is the main selection criteria when you rent a car?

Here is a summary of the results:

Demand for car rentals — 73% of the people surveyed claimed they rented a car at least once over the past two years. 24% rented once, 34% between 2 and 4 times and 15% more than 4 times. 27% have not rented a car over the past 2 years.

Supply of cars to rent — 48% of the respondents say they can rent their own car while 47% say they can’t rent. The top reason why respondents will rent their car is the additional income it provides (39%) followed by 21% who says insurance (against damage)

Key Selection Criteria — 47% of respondents said the car shape is the first selection criteria when they rent. 28% says the price is the first criteria followed by 21% who needs a driver first.

Car Selection — 42% of respondents rent luxury car (Mercedes) followed by 24% who like 4 by 4. Pick up and sedan are the least favorite cars.

Once the founders were able to validate model can work in Cameroun because data showed a demand for car rental, a potential supply of rental car for the platform. Next, the founders wanted to dig deeper and ask more questions to understand pricing, triggers and consumer habits.

Our team was able to setup and launch the second survey within days and provide valuable insights within two weeks.

In total, it took one month to complete both surveys and collect valuable answers and insights for the company.

CityNet is now operating in Cameroon with more than 100 locations so far, 500+ cars on the platform. The team is looking to expand in other countries in Africa.

KASI Insight will continue to empower its founders with reliable data and actionable insights as they grow their business in Africa.

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