Sneak peek into Blockchain Leadership Summit

When talking about the blockchain industry there are events and venues that have to be visited by ambitious and prospective projects. And the Blockchain Leadership Summit is a huge happening. The conference brings together visionaries in the blockchain sphere, the world’s top experts, and investors to discuss the present and the future of the industry, and to go over decisions and policies. On March 9 Genadi Man, co-founder and CEO of Kasko2go, visited Zurich, Switzerland to present the app to a global Think-Tank of the cryptoworld.

InnMind platform, a global startup community, presented three projects at the Blockchain Leadership Summit, and Kasko2go is one of them. The other two startups are quite promising also: Digipharm project is set to unite healthcare and blockchain technology to enhance patient treatment and reduce costs. Photochain startup is a blockchain-based photography platform meant to gain complete control over photographer’s content, as well as being low cost. The major difference between us and these projects — apart from industries, of course, — is the project stage. They are prototypes, and we are ready to market.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit justified expectations. The conference was a success: we managed to interest proactive investors and impress upon them the necessity of the Kasko2go solution. And of course we are not remaininging on this point. Our next stop is the Cryptocurrency World Expo in Berlin. That summit will take place on March 21–22 and it is another of the global events we pin our hopes on. Kasko2go is ready to prove itself once again and to prove its importance to the car insurance industry of Europe.

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