In Focus: Badde & Rongue

Weekly profile interview of members of Kasomi’s community

How would you describe your brand in one sentence?

Hand-made gold-plated jewellery inspired by charms and pendulums to remind you that balance is a flowing movement between extremes.

What three items can you not live without in life?

Water, body oil, music…and love! Can I have a fourth? And socks — I’m a sucker for comfy socks. That’s five. Three is hard!

What do you like about Kasomi?

It’s completely free to set up my shop! I tried other sites and tried to build my own e-commerce platform — but Kasomi was quicker, cheaper and totally easy. Took me a few taps on my phone. Plus the community on here is cool. You can chat to a whole bunch of creative entrepreneurs and influencers. I’m thinking of opting in to pay commission to some of the influencers on here as part of my marketing strategy. It’s like the most useful bits of other social media platforms all in one place and somehow it’s not pretentious.

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