Why Is There A Global Obsession With Craftsmanship?

September 5th, 2017 — By Kasomi.com

Curious creatures

Soft, smooth and slight, we are nonetheless the super-predators of the Earth. We have an unmatched ability to adapt and conquer the harshest conditions for our wellbeing and survival.

Why? Because we are designed to continually seek out new ways to improve our lives. Curiosity is a basic human instinct that provides us with a repertoire of tactics for personal growth. It is why we crave being in-the-know.

Discovering the new

For thousands of years we used travel as a method to gain new knowledge. Exploring, adventuring and colonizing enabled us to exchange ideas and trade goods. We physically travelled from point A to B and then back to A to tell the tale.

We developed technology to improve our method, building equipment to speed up time — rafts, cars, planes — reducing the time spent on the journey.

Along the way, we had the idea of removing the journey altogether. Focus was placed on communicating what was learned so it could be adapted or appropriated at home. Newspapers, film, photography, radio and TV were conceived.

Then we invented the Internet. And we completely changed our conception of the passing of time.

In the race for time

Social Media has reduced the journey from months to fractions of a second, creating barely perceptible time delays. What were once points A and B have converged on our axis of experience. News has replaced knowledge.

But in conquering space and time, we have compromised on the wonder and delight which is only possible through the passing of time.

We no longer share re-told experiences, but experience as-it-happens in a live broadcast. News is not new. It is our present-tense reality. And yet our instinct to race to be the first to know persists. Not out of competition, but because our life depends on wonder and delight. Discovery is the condition of happiness.

Technology makes the race to some future knowledge far too competitive. So today we look now to the past instead.


It is not the first time we have looked to the past. Every fashion season demonstrates a rediscovery of an older way. The more we speed up time, the further in the past we delve to find inspiration.

Art and crafted objects — wax candles, linen bags, wooden beard groomers — inspire us with wonder because they do what we can no longer do by ourselves. They tell a story of time, effort, labour and the birth of the new.

More and more people are catching on to this insight. And we are witnessing a global mushrooming of boutiques, concept stores, and artisanal lifestyle brands like never before.

The scale of our nostalgia across the world is creating a shift in mentality. Eco-consciousness, mindfulness and health are values stemming from this shift.

Time is not the enemy. It is our most precious value. We are finally celebrating it in all its forms. Time to create, to curate, to cultivate, to discover and to share. Time to wander and wonder.

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