We founded WePower over three years ago. Throughout that time we have been focused on finding the easiest way how businesses of all sizes could buy energy directly from producers. Two third of global energy is consumed by corporate and industrial users, so helping them move to full sustainability is the easiest way we can make an enormous impact.

Our research and development included technological, commercial and legal aspects of green energy procurement. …

In my opinion, there is something holding back global energy transition, which hasn’t yet sparked the attention and debate it deserves — who should own the rights to access and use people’s energy consumption data? Should it be the energy providers or the people like you and I, who are the actual consumers?

One could ask, who cares, but trust me, the answer to this question is what makes all the difference. The one who owns the right to use the data has the power to decide who uses it, who creates solutions through using it, and who stops others…

It’s time to share some exciting updates regarding our nationwide energy tokenization project with Elering. The Energy Smart Contracts for Ethereum and EOS are in place and we are now working on auditing as well as preparations for large-scale testing and the public release.

The first tokenization event will happen early this autumn, in the beginning of October the latest. The next engineering sprints will give a more clear time estimation.

In the first event, we will focus on testing and demonstrate the way energy ownership in Energy Smart Contract form looks like and how the contracts will be settled…

We’ve just launched the WePower platform’s Alpha version 1.

I welcome you all to sign up and test it out. The released version will be used to start the acquisition of green energy buyers, and renewable energy producers that face capital issues, as well as to advertise the first confirmed green energy auctions. The very first 6 confirmed solar energy projects are listed on the platform.

Until the full business launch later this year, we are going to:

  1. Present more renewable energy auctions on the platform;
  2. Gradually unlock more and more platform’s features and functions.

The Alpha version of the…

Time flies! For this blog, I decided to do a short recap on our progress building the WePower platform and what we are currently focusing on.

Some of the details won’t be new to those who have been following us closely, but as the technology side of the energy market, especially when merged with emerging technology as blockchain, might sound complicated, I believe it will be useful to go through our progress in a bit lighter steps, so we all will be on the same page.

Engineering progress’ recap

The WePower ICO token — WPR — has two functionalities: first, it provides proportional…

Community, hello from Estonia!

It is time for WePower’s engineering team update. This time, we have asked our community management team to gather the most trending WePower engineering development related questions which have been shimmering around in our social platforms.

Please take a closer look what is our community most interested in and what the answers to these development questions are.

1. What is currently WePower’s engineering teams working on in Europe and Australia?

Currently, the team is working on the internal non-public proof-of-concept platform. The platform functionality and logic has been broken into several “blocks”, currently they are: auction, trading, blockchain, portfolio management and migrating the community to an auction. These are…


I am Kaspar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at WePower. My role, as the name implies, is focused on turning the ambitious technological vision of WePower into a reality.

At WePower we strongly believe that game changing business should go hand in hand with the game changing product. This is why in over the course of several blog post I want to introduce you to the engineering team that is building the WePower platform and provide a first hand insight into what we are working on as we build the WePower platform.

Three teams — two continents

WePower engineering team is currently organized into 3 teams…

The nature in which technology is advancing is pushing us into uncharted territory faster than ever before. Companies around the world are adopting blockchain technology to increase global access and inclusivity in almost all areas of life. Historically, the energy sector has been one of the last industry titans to adopt change — until now.

At WePower, our primary goal is to help energy evolve from its 19th century way of doing business and place it at the forefront of progress and innovation. We aim to do this by building a global market from the ground-up that gives everyone equal…

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