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Last updated: 13/05/17

5 Recent Augmented Reality Examples (image credit Stacle DaPonte)

Undoubtedly, Augmented Reality has proved itself as a quite useful technology for various domains. And, this amazing technology is about to enter into the toddler stage from its current infancy stage. Due to the interactive and user-friendly nature, Augmented Reality is slowly penetrating into the consumer market. Today, I will discuss few recent Augmented Reality Examples from the advanced technological world. And, it’s quite possible that till date you may not be familiar with these fantastic applications of Augmented reality. But, nevertheless to mention that after going thru this blog post, you will definitely want to add these Augmented Reality Examples as a part of your routine life. So, lets dive into these eye-catching examples of Augmented Reality world.

5 Recent Augmented Reality Examples

Well, to imprint a crystal clear picture of AR in your mind, I have shortlisted these 5 Augmented Reality Examples from the activities that you usually do in day-to-day basis. So, lets move ahead.

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#1. Augmented Reality dashboards

OK, in the last post, I had explained about the wearable smart-glasses. Like those AR glasses, Augmented reality dashboards are used to overlay additional relevant information in the real-time. Here, it projects the various information related to your vehicle directly on the windshield of your car. These information can be anything such as fuel level, speed, headlamp controls, AC controls, multimedia controls, parking sensors, etc. In addition to these critical parameters, Augmented reality dashboards can also be used to display navigation system and real-time distance from any object or vehicle in front of it. While many car manufactures like, Toyota, BMW are in the race to implement Augmented Reality dashboards to their cars, one company Navdy has developed the portable version to integrate Augmented Reality technology in your existing car-dashboard.

Do check above YouTube video to see Navdy v1.1 in action. Thus, it’s a perfect example of Augmented Reality that you can add to your daily life. And, it will definitely convert your driving experience more interactive and enjoyable without compromising safety and comfort.

#2. Augmented Reality in Sports

OK, you must have watched live telecast of sports events. But, have you ever thought that the visuals you see on your TV or live stream is not exactly the same as happening on the playground. Yes, you have read it correctly. To make the sports more interactive and entertaining, Broadcasters enhance (augment) the display by infusing 3D graphics, virtual lines etc into the live match. The virtual path of an actual ball during a cricket match is the most common example that I can provide here. For Football lovers, the best example is the virtual 1st and ten lines that appear on the screen. And, do you know how it has done in the real-time? OK, let me tell you. For this purpose, broadcasters utilize Augmented Reality technology. In fact, Augmented Reality is one of the most widely accepted technology in the sports industry.

Do check above YouTube video of Fox Sports Australia. Vizrt, a media-content production company has created this unforgettable experience infused with Augmented reality. Thus, whether your favourite team win or lose, Augmented Reality in sports lets you to enjoy the match to the fullest. Additionally, Advertising and training are the other major applications of Augmented Reality in the sports industry.

#3. Augmented Reality in Museums

Museums are one of the most effective place that helps you to enhance your knowledge. nevertheless to mention that here you get in-depth information about any historical object or culture. But, the problem in most of the museums is that these valuable historical objects are kept in a glass covering. And, these museums don’t allow you to even touch them. But, Augmented Reality is the solution. Yes! by implementing Augmented Reality in museums can literally make these objects or place alive. And, you can not only see and read about the object rather visualize the realistic 3D model from the different angle. ARworks has developed a very innovative Augmented Reality Museum App. Do check below YouTube video to see this innovative solution in action.

Thus, AR adds the taste of interactivity and fun in the old non-living objects. And, Augmented Reality Museums are one of the perfect Augmented Reality examples worth visiting.

#4. Augmented Reality in Tourism

Due to its impressive and interactive properties, Augmented Reality imprints an unforgettable image into your brain. Yes, Augmented Reality in Tourism adds a wow! factor to your travel experiences. And, this is the reason behind the widely acceptance of Augmented Reality in the travel industry. Following are the two major ways Augmented reality can help you during your tour:-

  • Augmented Reality apps (e.g. Google translate) enable you to convert symbols printed in foreign languages to your native language. All you have to do that just point your smartphone / tablet towards the signboard and the translated version of the symbol will pop up on your device screen in the real-time.
  • Augmented Reality can act as a virtual tourist-guide. Yes, Location-based AR Apps (e.g. Wikitude) overlay the relevant information like, nearby restaurants, ATM etc. onto the actual camera view.

Moreover, Visit Orlando Destination App (Android / iOS) can be one of the awesome Augmented Reality Examples used in the tourism industry. It provides you an amazing travel experience enriched with Augmented Reality. Do check below YouTube demo video for experience it to your fullest.

OK, till now I have explained various Augmented Reality Examples to you. But, do you ever experience Augmented Reality in Television News? Well, whether you believe it or not!, this is now a Reality. And, next YouTube video is going to reveal the same. I recommend you to watch this video uploaded by The Weather channel and feel what I am talking about.

Thus, you can see that how Augmented reality has helped this lady Anchor to explain the simple but essential precautionary measure you should take care while driving just after snow fall. Will you ever forget the learning embedded in this Television News? I will never forget. Yes, contents enriched with Augmented Reality have a long lasting impression on your mind and this is the real magic of it.

Wrapping up

In summary, I can say that whether you drive your car, watch sports, go to some museum, visit tourist places or even watch the Television News, whatever you do, everywhere you can find Augmented Reality. Although, Augmented reality has tremendous practical applications in various fields, I have shortlisted few best Augmented Reality examples only to demonstrate the utilization of AR in our day-to-day life. And, obviously this is not the limit. In fact, Augmented Reality allows you to think outside the box and break the boundary between the virtual and physical world.

That’s all from my side. In comment section, let me know what you have liked most? And, If you like my post, do share it with your friends. Also, to keep updated about Augmented reality, don’t forget to subscribe on my website. Additionally, visit my Facebook page and do follow @Augrealitypedia on Twitter.



Originally published at www.augrealitypedia.com on May 12, 2017.

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