The advent of apps and their cohesive bonding with users has tempted business owners to tap the potential of this omnipresent thing to their maximum advantage. Developing a business app could be challenging but it can be worthwhile if you consider these below mentioned points:

Let your app represent your brand so that your target and loyal customers can connect with it straightaway. How? Make it resemble your website in terms of design by using same colour schemes, fonts, styles, themes, etc. Also don’t miss out your logo. You can add unique features keeping it in line with the conventions to meet user expectations.

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2. Layman-oriented design

Design your app from a layman’s perspective to keep it as simple as possible. Know that your users want to get going with it from the very next moment they download it. If they cannot use it intuitively they would undoubtedly get rid of it in spite of it having stylish features and sophisticated functionalities.

3. Self-selling strategy

Make your app sell itself by creating a self-promotional strategy. Award your users points distinctively on downloading your app and on referring it to others which they can exchange for gift coupons, after a preset threshold. There could be umpteen creative ways to get this strategy right at the very first place.

4. Slim and lightweight

Keep your app’s size slim by trimming extra bytes to prevent it from stealing data of users. You can accomplish this by using low-res images which must be compressed and scaled to minimum possible size.

5. Social media marketing

Promote your app on social media by asking your users to share their reviews on their choicest platform. Assure them some goodies on performing this action and keep reinforcing it by announcing tempting offers for this action at regular intervals.

6. Cross-platform development

Let your app run over various platforms by developing a single source that can be deployed on multiple platforms with few changes. This can be achieved by choosing one of the many available cross-platform tools depending on the coding language.

By adhering to these key rules you can develop your own business app and give your users the ease of connecting with you. Hope your app instantly goes viral!

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