9 apps that’ll help you make a positive impact on the world every day

Want to save the world? There’s an app for that.

In Australia alone, there’s a bunch apps developed specifically to transform your in-phone behaviour into practical benefits for society.

From advice on ethical groceries, to using your phone to help fund cancer while you sleep, these nine apps have got you covered when it comes to lending a hand.

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Shout For Good is an app that gives turns your literal change into social change. Self-described as a “micro donation platform,” the app allows users to donate a specific amount of money on top of purchases for things like movie tickets or cup of coffee — to a nonprofit organisation of their choice.

You probably won’t notice, but it will make a difference elsewhere.

Get it on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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The Sustainable Seafood Guide is a tool to help you make an ocean-friendly choice about the food you eat. The company behind it are independent so search results will always yield unbiased facts on your fishy purchases.

Get it for Android on Google Play.

Ever wanted to show your friend just how cosily they sit in your heart, but haven’t the creative gusto to do it? Never fear, Appreciate a Mate offers illustrated messages of support and general appreciation for your friends. Talking about your feelings is gross, so tell them with a picture.

Available from the Apple Store.

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Feel overwhelmed by everything? 1 Giant Mind is an app developed by a nonprofit, dedicated to teaching free meditation programs and it’s flush with resources to combat the negative impacts of stress.

Download for free on Google Play or the Apple Store.

GIVIT is an online platform that aims to making giving easy, through secure network. Recently upgraded your washing machine or television? You simply list the item online and wait for it to be directly accepted by someone experiencing hardship.

Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play.

Giving made easy.

Image: Screenshot/GIVIT.ORG.AU

Remember the “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” adage? Well Everyday Racism is designed to be played out over seven days, giving an insight into the discrimination many still face in Australia.

Players can choose from one of three characters: a Muslim woman, an Indigenous man or an Indian student and for the next seven days you receive simulated texts, tweets, images and videos as though you were them.

Download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Recycling can be confusing. Sustain Me is an app designed to tell you how and where you can recycle those everyday items that probably shouldn’t be just tossed in the trash. Simply search the item and all the recycling information you could ever desire will appear in your hot little hand.

Install the app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Unsure of what can and can’t be recycled? Use the handy search engine to point you in the right direction.

Image: Sustain me

Track your progress in real time.

Image: Sustain me

From a company that believes “the carrot is mightier than the stick” comes Sproutli, an app designed to make sourcing cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian food an easy and streamlined process. They boast the world’s largest databases of businesses that offer cruelty free alternatives for consumers.

Available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

DreamLab uses your phone, to help fund cancer research while you sleep. After downloading the free app, you choose the type of cancer research you want to support, nominate how much mobile network or Wi-Fi data you’d like to donate, and BAM — each night it will contribute to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Available from Google Play.

Your idle phone time can literally be used to find a cure for cancer.

Image: dream lab

Originally published at mashable.com on September 23, 2016.

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