Choose Right Developer Persona to Monetize your Mobile App

As technological advancements take place, they impact businesses tremendously as today’s customer are quite tech savvy and they expect you to include features of current technologies in your app and give them better experience. You too strive hard to meet up with their expectations and this endeavour of yours has resulted in shift of your budget from print to digital media and from desktop to mobile.

We have also seen a shift from broad-stroke generalized messages to customized and selective messages in order to give personalized experiences to target audience. And that target audience which mobile apps are creating and delivering has become a crucial place for brands to reach out to potential buyers. The need of the hour is that mobile app developers create audience that marketers are targeting. In other words, mobile app development experts need to take insights from marketers for app development.

However, unfortunately there are many developers who would prefer to concentrate only on building a great app rather than pondering on the ways to monetize the same. But to develop a meaningful relationship between mobile app development specialists and marketers we need to identify different developer persona. Here we have conducted a survey with more than hundred developers and identified three developer persona.

Persona #1 These developers concentrate on building apps that would go very well with their target customers yet they are least bothered about how the apps would make money. They are mostly reluctant in calling up brands and agencies for budgets.

Persona #2 They have a great application and they want to monetize it yet breaking into budget is an issue for them as brands and agencies are reluctant to spend budget on their app because they don’t see it a legitimate place to spend advertising dollars.

Persona #3 Developers with persona 3 understand that monetization is a crucial aspect of app development and they work on it right from the ideation phase and bring in advertisers to meet their goals.

The purpose of mobile app development is to make money for your business hence when you decide to make an investment, it is highly recommended to do some research and select right mobile app development specialists persona for creating a profitable mobile app.

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