Google is testing simpler app reviews layout in Play Store — Tech2

Google is reportedly testing a simpler layout for the rating and review section of its Play Store. The ratings area that currently shows up in the form a card, may soon be a thing of the past with Google making the look even cleaner, by keeping things simple.

According to Android Police, a card that pops up when you tap to add a rating for an app is going away. The review dialog box now seems to be embedded into the page, giving it a much cleaner look.

Since Google Play Store reviews are connected to your Google+ profile, the new look will also get rid of the cover image that is currently visible where ever your display picture shows up.

Image: Android Police

The odd bit is that Google just added the card layout a year ago, so it is confusing as to why it is taking it down. For now it is just a few devices that are showing the new layout and the source claims that there is no way to force this new layout onto your Android smartphone as well, since it seems to be a server side update.

Google has always been adding minor tweaks to its Play Store from time to time, however, we have yet to come across a stutter free layout, that loads quickly, like one would find on Apple’s App Store. Sometimes, even the high-end Android smartphones cannot scroll through the homepage of the Play Store without stuttering a few times.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.