Pave the Way for Creativity: Ask that Rare Web Design Question

The web design has evolved a lot since its inception. Along the way it has given us useful insights about the likes and preferences of end users. That perception in turn has motivated us to revolutionize our design concept around user experience paving way for the buzzword — UX.

In fact, even in the past, the designs were created keeping the users in mind but it didn’t work out the way it has now. User experience designers existed even then but were better known as web designers. The gist: UX is not a new concept just that it is better implemented now. And its importance resonates in the words of Steve Jobs, “You have got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology — not the other way round”

However, there is a question that we need to ask while we consider user experience and unfortunately we seldom do. “Why we need that particular element in our design at the first place?” When we do ask, we get some vague answers. It implies that we are just following conventions to play on the safer side.

Even following data blindly can be misleading at times although they are widely used to create or modify web designs. But if the same data persist in spite of implementing changes on a particular design element then that makes us ponder ‘why we needed it in the first place?’

Yet, we cannot be quite certain that if we experiment with our designs and move way far from the standards we are going to make it big in terms of UX. At the same time, if we keep ourselves inclined to the designs that were once liked by the audience, thinking that they want it still then we are definitely blocking our way to creativity.

So, now you know better that, although it is important to focus on UX but asking that rare question while you build your design, is still more important. And if you don’t get precise answers then you need to start from the base again. Sounds tricky! Contact our team of web development specialists for creating your website design; they are adept at asking that rare question.

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Originally published at on September 13, 2016.

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