The Debate Between Mobile Apps & Website

There has been a long debate among IT enthusiasts, business pioneers and the think tanks on the importance of website for business. Of course it depends on the kind of business you are. But then it is not really a debate. The website wins! Even after the mobile first generation, the importance of website does not come down especially for the big businesses.

I was studying the benefits of having a mobile app for your business and yes it does suit many ideas where having a website won’t be necessary like for instance — A gaming app. It is ok for a gaming app to not have website. But the same game can be much fun to play on the desktop version as well. Moving on from the gaming and fun elements, the other field will most definitely require a website. Here is why!

App Cannot Fit Many Features

Imaging if you are an Insurance company, you cannot have all the facilities on a mobile app whereas a website can provide with all of those features that the mobile app misses out on. Not all content that you can put on the website can be fit into a mobile app or else it will become too heavy.

When you are on the website, it is easier to write, upload and even read blogs. Although with so many users, reading benefits becomes secondary as it is also easy to read it on mobile view. But uploading a blog and management of the same is much easier with a website where you can utilize all the features and also enable the blog with other feature which may not be the case in a mobile app.

No Downloading & Less Space Consumption

Did you ever download a website? This is the biggest reason of website never losing its importance. You never have to download a website to see it or to use it. May be there are log ins but that is doable. Also, it does not consume space of your PC whereas a mobile app will take space in your mobile device and will also have to be downloaded for use. Moreover, one can never delete a website but a customer can always delete a mobile app from their devices.

Website Can Be Compatible For Mobile View

A mobile app is not compatible for viewing on the desktop but a website can be developed to view across multiple devices. Website still remains the online identity of any business today. A mobile website can be chosen in place of developing a mobile app. In this case, it is very much important for the masses to understand. There are so many things in time being that need to make a very important decision.

No SEO for Mobile Apps

When you are talking about mobile apps, you always rely on the website. These two platforms work inter- dependently. Also, you always want your audience to land on your website, thus you are much relied on the website even when you have a mobile app. One important thing that the mobile app misses out on is the search engine optimization. Basically, they are the part of the App store and cannot be optimized for Google hits. You cannot optimize it for pages or kind of search. Although you can include the keyword in your description content. Many opt for App Store optimization, to know more about App Store Optimization, wait for my next blog.

Summing UP’

I hope this blog was useful for you to understand the importance of website even after the advent of mobile apps. Mobile apps are for a different purpose and thus its impact is also different from website.

A website is like an online identity of any brand that wishes to exist in the online market. So it is here to stay. Also, IT professionals claim that tomorrow there are chance that website will hold more importance then even mobile apps. So make sure you do not under estimate its advantages and keep update to the latest trends for its upgrade or improvements. If you have anything to add to this blog, I would love to hear from you.

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Originally published at on September 20, 2016.