Bitpètite the bitcoin-tumbler. Is investing in it a good idea?

With any HYIP (Bitpetite is no exception) you must always ask yourself one important question — is there still enough money coming in to keep the ball rolling? I generally try figuring this out before I invest into any of these.

Most HYIPs disappear after 1 month but Bitpètite is already online for +150 days. Bitpètite is growing fast, there are now more then 65K users and there is around 44 million dollars invested. Everyday a few thousand of new investors join the platform.

Bitpetite statistics

Bitpetite claims to be a bitcoin-tumbler to make transactions on the blockchain anonymous. It is known that many whales make use of such a service to privatize their store of value. For this operation Bitpetite needs fresh capital and a lot of transactions to mix in the launder process. Here comes the investors into the story.

As an investor you can choose between a 6 weeks or a 9 weeks program. With the shortest program you get 47% profit while with the 9 weeks program you get 80%. The minimum amount you can invest is 0.005 BTC but you can also invest with Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin and recently also Monero!

Investment proposal: 6 weeks (147%); 9weeks (180%)

Should you invest in it? I invested 1 ETH and .9 LTC because I believe that Bitpetite will be here for a long time (just like Bitconnect). The platform is in the process of getting hyped so its very unlikely that the website will go offline. However, as promising as it all looks there is definitely some risk involved. I decided to put 1 spare Ether into the program and don’t regret it. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard.


The reason why my total invested amount is higher then the value of 1ETH is because I reinvested some of the daily profits.