Don’t Settle. I Repeat, Do Not Just Settle!

I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris Steak House one other time and it was a destination purpose. We went specifically for steak. Shocking, I know!

Generally reserving the restaurant for special occasions I found myself there for a happy hour this week.

A few friends and fellow professionals met for drinks and apps before the Blues game. Normally you’d find me at a sports bar sharing a bucket of beer and nachos among friends. Again, another shocking statement!

After a sports viewing at Ruth’s Chris Steak House I am kicking myself. Why did I put this place on reserve for just steaks and special occasions?!

Not only was the atmosphere great but the food was amazing! And I’m talking about everything they offer besides steak!

Where to begin? The Seared Ahi Tuna: Fresh. Simple. Sexy. The Spicy Lobster: They need to rename this “The Magical Lobster” because the sauce on it was incredible! Bottle it up and sell that amazingness because I want it in my life on a daily basis!

The barbequed shrimp was another delightful surprise as well. Perfect portion size to share, full of flavor, and presented beautifully. Not to mention the pricing was competitive with your typical fried bar food. Which again brings me to question my past decisions to just settle with a sports bar!

What did I learn at Ruth’s Chris Steak House this week? Do not settle! Try new things! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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