The next iPad Pro from Apple could come with a rear triple camera array

Aug 11 · 1 min read

Apple updated its iPad Mini and iPad Air previously this year and is anticipated to release some extra updates later this year for the iPad and iPad Pro that could include the latest camera systems. Mac Otakara quotes Apple suppliers ‘ accessory diagrams, pointing to the iPad Pro becoming a larger camera range. It is rumored that the upcoming iPhone 11 will get a comparable scheme. It also states that the iPad 6th generation may have the same dual-camera configuration as the iPhone 11 LCD model. The website suggests the models could be launched in October.

Apple previously aimed to put the new 3-D camera system on the back of the high-end iPhones this year, but delayed that, the familiar people also said. Still, the technology giant based in California’s Cupertino is doubling its handsets ‘ camera capacities.

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