Howl — A Poetic Exploration

What constitutes a great poem?

Is it the words placed one after another in a specific sequence?

Is it the meaning contained within those words?

Is it the poet’s intention coming through these words — containers of meaning placed one after another?

Is it maybe just the sounds — the assonances and the alliterations?

Is it maybe just imagery — the metaphors and the synecdoches?

I would like to invite you to reflect on these ideas through my exploration of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”.

Howl consists of an open world exploration. I have tried to replicate the look and feel of an eerie forest shrouded in fog. Players are invited to roam around the world and contemplate their surroundings.

Sounds objects are interspersed across the world — either meditative singing bowl sounds or one verse from the poem Howl read by Ginsberg himself.

As different verses are learned, players have the ability to remember 9 different verses which they will be able to replay in their heads. These verses will be associated with the number keys 1–9 based on order of discovery. The ability to replay these verses will enable players to recombine parts of Howl into a new whole.

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Menu Screen
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In-game Screen

A short walkthrough of parts of the experience: