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System Dynamics Reading Mindmap

RoadRage Game

The P3 game my team and I are currently designing deals with the system of driving — more specifically roadrage while driving. What causes roadrage? How does roadrage affect people’s behaviors?

Game Details

Players are driving around a roundabout — when suddenly all the roundabout exits are shutdown. The players are now stuck in an infinite loop of going round and round …and round. As they drive, they interact with the otehr driver who share their roundabout fate. These interactions in turn affect both of the players. As players get more and more frustrated, their rage levels increase until reaching the “RoadRage” level — after which they are eliminated from the game. …

I started off my Interactive Fiction project with much excitement. I was extremely eager to tackle a real-world issue through writing. I was looking forward to weave in story elements with animations that would lend themselves well to giving more power to the written piece.

Starting off with these expectations turned out to be more of a hindrance than an advantage. Slowly, I realized that forging the ideas in my head could only take me thus far and that I would have to start writing down the scenarios on paper in order to fully understand how they would pan out in an interactive setting. I hence went from fully crafting one idea in my head to writing down bits and pieces of ideas on paper from which I would end up choosing one (or blending a couple) — quick and dirty prototyping in action. …

Jeff Kassab

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