Sometimes customers do and say the sweetest things -

Every once in a while, someone, usually a stranger will restore my faith in humanity, either I witness something wonderful, a act of kindness or thoughtfulness, often towards another or I'm on the receiving end of someone's random yet generous offerings, a token of appreciation - gifts, no matter how small are wholeheartedly appreciated.

Last week while at work a customer who passes through my lane on occasion and whom is always such a pleasure, went out of her way to bring me a Coffee and two oatmeal cookies.

Just stepping out side for my break, she drove up and said:

" what are the chances you'd be out here as I pulled up?"

With a big smile on her face, she stepped out of her vehicle and handed me the coffee and cookies, she continued...

" I just wanted to tell you that you're a wonderful person, you're great at a job that's often overlooked and taken for granted by the public so I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for always smiling, you're appreciated by me".

Wow - I put my hand to my heart and thanked her for her words of consideration and also for her time. Seriously, what can one say other then thank you?

Such a small, simple gesture meant so much to me, it actually made me teary. For me, this act wasn't about me at all, it says nothing about me and my character but speaks volumes about hers.

It couldn't have come at better time, it's as if she intuitively knew that I needed a brightening of my spirit - she succeeded.

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