Sometimes they come back - Your past, people you left behind, people you buried deep within your subconscious never to be seen or heard from again. You, at one point in time decided that a relationship exorcism was necessary, cut all ties and run away screaming into the night just to save your self, your self respect, your self esteem,your self preservation.

To save your life..

One could only hope that you, in time would heal and come out of the emotional storm with tremendous strength and courageous tenacity to simply keep going - and you do. Every day that goes by you feel more empowered, the fact that you had the strength to even leave the energy vampire to begin with amazes you. You continue to surprise your self as you gain momentum through your recovery from toxic exposure, a boogie man that came in the form of someone you used to know.

And now, here you are, years later and incredibly strong, everything is now a distant thought on a over played tape. You've filed it away along with the other tumultuous memories and event's -- dead.

But, sometimes they come back and at the most unexpected of times -- why would you be expecting the unexpected when you worked so hard to forget?

They come back while you're walking to work, they see you before you see them and lay in wait atop the hill, they'll position themselves for the right time to make their move - you wont see it coming, why would you?

Predatory behaviour..

As you reach the top of the hill you'll hear a voice say; " Well hello stranger, need a ride?"

You'll stop dead in your tracts and visually search for the face of the person that's speaking to you, when you see who it's coming from you'll feel paralyzed but for only a moment. You'll quickly note what they're driving and the angle of the vehicle, for some reason this means something to you, it's going to mean that they drove past you, they saw you and then went out of their way to intercept you -

Your mind will start racing but your physical body will remain calm, placidity and clarity will see you through this - it's amazing how shock will work in Your favour. You'll calmly say " No thank you" but he'll persist " are you sure?" and you'll repeat " I'm fine" as you find your legs and continue walking, you'll want to run at this point but you worry that showing fear will empower this person and honestly that's the last thing you want to do so you just carry on and not look back.

Sometimes they come back, people you emotionally buried and when you recall the event the next day it feels dream like because the reality is that you encountered a ghost, while walking to work.

Yeah, didn't see that one coming-

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