I haven’t since I can remember ever really had any friends.

Hi Ddgski70,

I know it’s tough. There are a lot of people who claim to be friends but stab you behind your back. I met many people like those and it hurts me so much how I trusted them and how I kept them close to my heart. But then, there are people that I have never ever in my life imagined we will click. At first impression, they are loud, talk too much and too extrovert, that I refused to be even close to them. Circumstances forced us to form bonds like they became my group mates in college. That’s where I found out their genuine heart. To this date, they are my friends though they are not here with me physically.

I believe there will be someone out there that will identify with you. Too often, people are intimidated when others say what they want to say right away. But in the long term, that’s one of the reasons why friends last. They are true to each other. Someone close to you will understand you. I am with you when it comes to accountability. I want people to mean what they say. Maybe give them second chance because as humans, we are always prone to mistakes. Try online friends maybe because a lot of people’s friendship nowadays start from that. Thanks for sharing your heart.