I assume most people generally have decent intentions and aren’t out there to spite people, except…
Corey B

The timing of her comments is where the hurt magnified. While I would like to believe that her intention is not bad (which is stating what she saw), they truly hurt me because of how she repeatedly said it and how she scrutinized me closely.

However, I could’ve answered back to her bitterly based on how she conveyed the message to me, but I chose not to for some reasons you have stated: maybe cultural, age or personality. I wish I can tell you I felt the concern from her when she stated those but I can’t. I have encountered so many strangers who commented on my acne and shared some remedies. Why didn’t I get hurt? It’s because of the delivery. The post does not tell that there are people who intentionally go out of the way to make others feel bad. It is about how words affect a person. There are some who maybe unintentionally hurt you by their simple comments but the receiving end hurts badly. Maybe it’s insecurity, maybe it’s low self-esteem — but the message I want to bring is to produce more positive words in this world. If ever we are one of those who felt a tiny sting from others’ comments, we should use those experiences not to let others feel the same way.

Corey, thank you for your analysis of the story. Appreciate you dropping by.