The One Spreadsheet Every Freelance Writer Needs

As Developed by Me Over Four Years of Trial and Error

My not-very-pretty-yet-essential freelancing spreadsheet

How and Why it Works

Most obviously, it helps me prioritise deadlines and remember pieces that I’ve been commissioned to write, the wordcount (the Words column), and the agreed payment. I added a formula so the per-word (P/W) rate fills automatically when I fill out the Words and Payment expected columns. I use this to help determine whether I should accept a commission, ask for more money, or turn it down. I think about this as valuing my time in much the same way as I would assess an annual salary as a full-time employee.

Best-selling author of THE SECRET LIVES OF COLOR & THE GOLDEN THREAD. Bylines in The Economist, TLS, Elle Deco, World of Interiors, here. Culture|Design|History

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