Humble Healing.

Sometimes life is messy.

I’m learning that more and more every day. And the other lesson I’m learning: sometimes following God is messy too. As I’ve been in what I like to call a “transition” phase in life for the past six months, after spending a year working as an assistant to a professional athlete, I found myself questioning God. Why haven’t I found the “next” step yet? When will I be doing “what I’m supposed to be” doing in life? I figured I could handle a little patience for a month or two but then surely, God would lead me to the next door.

Six months have passed and there are days where I can barely drag my beat up heart through the next 24 hours. I compare myself to counterparts who have been in careers for years now, I by into the lie that society tells about where you have to be and when. The “transition” sometimes seems like it will be “forever.” The beauty in these moments though is that God has brought me to people and places I didn’t expect. He’s given me conversations and pauses that bring me back to life. His word has encouraged me to continue to follow and praise Him, even when I question my journey in life. I’m learning to find the beauty in every day, and to truly cherish every moment.

It’s been almost a year since I last took a trip to Haiti and it’s a trip that’s been heavy on my heart. The house, the smells, the people’s smiles. Haiti taught me one of the most valueable lessons that I could ever learn: that my true calling in life is to go and make disciples. There’s something very uniquely humbling about feeding children what could be their only meal for three or four days. Equally as humbling is coming back to fast food restaurants on every corner. But when you have nothing, you have everything in Jesus — it’s my goal to share that with anyone and everyone I can. Another opportunity has presented itself for me to travel back to Haiti with i’mME and I’m eager to faithfully follow.

My heart is being called back to Haiti to serve, but the truth is: I can’t do it alone. Whether it’s through prayer or financially, I’m thankful for each and every person who supports me on this journey. Know that you mean the world to me, and I consider it such an honor and blessing to serve in Haiti.

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