A Zero Math Introduction to Quantum Computing

A fundamentally different computer chip

The tech and science you need to know to get setup is that quantum computers are essentially a new type of computer chip that replace the electronics on our current chips with subatomic particles like electrons or photons.

Two particles interacting

Solving intractable problems

So the reason people are so excited about quantum is that, using these new “particle-powered” chips, we will be able to process information in a more powerful way. In fact, it will help us run some very complex calculations that were previously too time consuming for us to even consider running on today’s best supercomputers.

A quantum computer chip

Designing the world around us

The reason I use this phrase is that the use-cases people are most excited about for the future of quantum computing are in designing new things using advanced abilities in chemistry and biology.

  • Medicine design. With the quantum computing’s ability to accurately represent molecules and proteins, we’ll be able to create new medicines that allow us to redefine healthcare.
  • Material design. The buildings, vehicles, and clothing around us will change as we unlock the ability to better understand the materials around us, as well as explore uninvented materials.

So where are we at with building quantum computers?

The answer in some ways is that we’ve only recently graduated beyond science experiment stage, but at the same time these computers are also accessible on the Cloud for you to interact with via AWS, IBM, or other providers.

Running early quantum computers today typically involves complex electronics and cryogenic refrigeration
What will the freeze-dried food of the quantum revolution be?



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